Towards or Twords: Which One is The Correct Spell?

Are you learning English grammar and prepositions, it must give you tough competition, so here you will find that there is one more mistake you are making which is misspelling the preposition.

We all know very well that without prepositions sentences can not be understandable that’s why learning prepositions is important as their correct spelling are vital as well.

Misspell trend of the most common is:

Twords or TowardTowards

Note: As I have mentioned, I am going to talk about a preposition, but towards is adjective plus adverb along preposition.

Meaning of Towards:

The preposition “Towards” is always used to “point out a specific direction”

In other words, it indicates the direction in which action is happening.

History of the Word “Towards”

Towards preposition is not a new addition in the English Language as it has been used since the 9th century in the form of “to-weard” and later on changed into “towards”.

Note: “Ward” is a suffix and if it is added to any word it will indicate motion or direction. for example: forward, backward, onward, and so on. But this condition is not fixed as many other words also exist that indicate direction.

Pronunciation of Towards:


Use of Towards in Sentences:

  • Please move the boat towards the Shore.
  • You always show your sincere wishes towards me.
  • He rushed in anger towards her when she provoked a fight.
  • The activities you have done during summers will count towards your final grade.

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Synonym of Towards:

  • in the direction of
  • So as to approach
  • So as to near
  • On the way to
  • On the road
  • For
  • To

Towards or Twords

Towards is correct spelling and the twords is a misspelled form that has no meaning and value at an academic level.

If you have heard people using this misspelling, so remember one thing they might be using it as a slang word which is only understandable by some people at non formal level. But at the formal level of communication, there is no word like twords exist.


Can We Use Towards interchangeably with Tword?

No, we can not interchangeably use these word forms for each other, because twords is totally wrong and can not be used at any level so always use towards in its original and correct way.

Are Towards and Toward the Same?

There is only one “s” difference in these two forms of a single preposition and these both are correct and used in the same manner for the same meaning.

Are All Around the Words Towards and Toward Both used at an equal level?

As these both are correct so “Toward” without “s” is more commonly used in Canada and the United States, but in all other Countries where English is the first language “toward” with “s” is more preferred.

Can Towards Use as Adverb And Adjective?

Yes, Towards can be used according to context requirements as an adverb and adjective.

For example when we say “They Run towards the sunset”, here toward act as an Adverb. But if we say “You made huge success towards your goal”, here towards acts as an adjective.


So it is clear now that you can use both the spelling towards and toward but the version tword is wrong, so next time be careful before its proper use in your sentence.