Successfully or Succesfully: Which One is The Correct?

Can you imagine we expect success and spell its spelling wrong, like how careless we all are? If we take the spelling matter so light the day is no far when we can not recall the spelling of small words like “the, is, do, and done”.

We don’t try to fix our mistakes rather we just create a new version of spelling and steadfast on it.

If you are among those who Misspell Success as Succes then from now on don’t do this again.


Meaning of Successfully

Successfully is the adverb form of the noun word success which stands for

  • In a way to achieve Goals
  • In a way to achieve the final results
  • In a way to achieve what we intend.

Note: There is also an adjective form of this noun which is successful and people also misspell it by putting a double “l” at the end, if you do the same immediately quit this.

Pronunciation of Successfully

[ suhk · seh · sfuh · lee ]

Use of Successfully in Sentences

  • Our Hockey team successfully completed the goal on time.
  • Ali did hard work and successfully cleared the entrance exam.
  • I successfully baked a cake by following the video recipe.
  • He successfully navigated the difficult situation.

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Synonyms of Successfully

  • Profitably
  • Auspiciously
  • Propitiously
  • Flourishingly
  • Strongly
  • Fortunately
  • Fortuitously
  • Opportunely
  • Victoriously
  • ProsperouslyS
  • Triumphantly
  • swimmingly

Successfully or Succesfully

There are only acceptable spellings that are successfully and the misspelled version “Succesfully” is just a typing error and not valid in any country of the world.


Hope so now the meaning and status of Successfully adverb are clear in your mind, next time try not to misspell it.