What is Steel Detailing Jeemon VG? Complete Detail

Steel detailing is simply drawing or making some maps, 3D models, Structures, samples, and plans that help the constructor in the accurate fabrication of steel.

These Plans and 3D models give an idea to the erector of how they should start the construction in a good way of their models such as towers, Malls, Motorways, bridges, Stadiums, and many more.

Do You Know: In the Late 19th Century Steel Detailing was used for the first time for making structures and plans for different projects.

Why Steel Detailing is Effective and Essential?

If you are up to anything big and you need full accuracy then you should go for steel detailing because there are several convincing reasons behind this such as:

  • Minimum error chances
  • 100% precise
  • Save Time
  • Save Money (reduce waste)
  • Increase Durability of Building
  • Ensure Safety
  • Nominate the Clashes between different buildings
  • Increase Aesthetic look
  • Give full estimation of budget and material
  • Also, give an idea for future maintenance needs.

Steel Detailing Jeemon VG

If you are looking for a trustworthy company for your project then you should consider one of the best Steel detailing companies which is Steel Detailing Jeemon VG Company.

It is one of the most reliable, reputative, and advanced companies and they make sure to pay attention to very subtle details while making any model.

Note: This Company is based in India but gives its services all around the world.

The best thing about Steel Detailing Jeemon VG is that they give you every customized model that you exactly need in the time you give them and the model will be very easy to understand.

Important to Note: Steel Detailing Jeemon VG has completed more than 500 projects globally with very satisfying reviews, this thing makes this company more trustful.

Owner of Jeemon VG Steel Detailing Company

Jeemon Varghese George is the founder of this company, he is a very skillful and experienced person because of his good study background.

He first does mechanical engineering which increases his technical skills and then he decides to start his journey in steel detailing.

For this, he joined Kerala University and did his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, and his masters in structural engineering from Anna University.

He has more than 15 years of strong background which makes him best in the steel detailing field

Why Jeemon VG Steel Detailing Company is so Successful?

Jemmon VG has so many skills that boost his reputation very quickly, as he received many accolades for his good work.

He receives so many projects because he knows very well how to make a small-scale business into a large-scale one due to his best problem-solving skills.

He can detect hindrances very quickly and plan a solution ultimately which saves time and ensures the project completion in time.

Moreover, his communication skills are also very good, he easily handles their native clients and also foreign ones.

What Services Does Steel Detailing Jeemon VG Offer?

What Services Does Steel Detailing Jeemon VG Offer

A wide range of services are offered by Steel Detailing Jeemon VG such as:

Detailed Fabrication Drawings:

Jeemon VG company can make detailed fabrication designs for your shops, buildings, or flats which are extremely comprehensive.

These drawings give you information that you need during fabrication and make the job much easier like it gives you data about the:

  • Precise dimensions
  • Material specifications
  • Welding details
  • Assembly instructions

Detailed GA Drawing (General Arrangement):

They also make General Arrangement Drawings which give you an idea of where the steel material will fit finely and precisely in an entire building like connections, beams, and columns.

In the shot they give you a preview sight of the building means how it will look, where the rooms and steel pieces will be located, and so on.

This drawing shows you the following things:

  • Beam Positions & Spans
  • Colum location & height
  • Floor levels
  • Floor elevations
  • Load distribution Scheme
  • Stairs Location
  • Location of Safety Equipment
  • Emergency Exit
  • Fire escape


You know the meaning of templates very well, so what these templates are used for is already clear in your mind. These templates give the fabricator an idea of how he should cut the steel for precise fitting.

Two types of Templates they made for their customers:

  • Physical Template: which is made of cardboard
  • Digital Templates: These are made by using software on computers.
  • Additional: They also made plate, Beam, and connection templates.

How are These Templates Helpful for the Fabricator?

While fabricating steel the erector has to cut the steel in the required shape, but cutting without templates can lead to errors or misscuts. At this time the template is laid out in a way that helps the fabricator to cut the steel accurately so that it easily fits in the location.

Best Point: Template usage gives 3 benefits at a time which are time savage, accusation, and consistency.

Erection Drawings:

Erection drawings in simple wording describe how we should assemble the steel pieces. Like where we have to place columns and beams, and where there should be a connection between beam and column.

Suggestion: If you want the least mistakes, errors, and accidents in assembling the steel then always go for erection drawing, and for this Jeemon VG company is the best option to consult.

They do the following erection drawings:

  • Beam column connection
  • Welds position
  • Brace location
  • Bolts position

Material List: They also make a material list required for construction which gives you an estimation of the budget.

Material List Includes:

  • Quantity and quality of Beams, bolts, brace, and columns.
  • Type of Steel
  • Thickness of steel

Best Point: The material list will minimize the chance of leftovers and mishaps because you will order the exact amount with accurate specifications.

Data Conversion for CNC Machinery:

This is one of the best services the Steel Detailing Jeemon VG provides they can convert the drawings into the format language which is comprehensive for machinaries so that they cut the steel in accurate and required shape.

Jeemon VG converts the Drawings into the following formats:

  • DXF
  • DGN
  • IFC
  • DWG
  • NCNC

Note: All format languages are numerical as machines can’t understand alphabetic languages.

Structural Design:

They also provide structure design for your projects which will ensure preciseness and accuracy to the next level. This structure is designed by keeping the climate, moisture, humidity, and temperature of the location in mind.

This design calculates and analyzes the following information:

  • stress
  • Strains
  • Loads
  • Forces
  • Stability

BIM Services:

They also provide interaction services which as Building Information Modeling (BIM) services, it first responsible for making a digital model of the project, and then for better performance it promotes collaboration between the stakeholders of the project, such as fabricators, landlords, engineers, and contractors, and owners.

Best Point: The Jeemon VG Steel Detailing company also helps you in problem-solving and decision-making situations.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring Steel Detailing Jeemon VG?

What Are the Benefits of Hiring Steel Detailing Jeemon VG

If you hire Steel Detailing Jeemon VG for your project models or drawings then you will get the following advantages:

  • Quality: They provide everything in excellent quality whether it is a substance or model, which makes them one of the most trustful companies.
  • Experienced Staff: All of the team members in Steel Detailing Jeemon VG are super experienced and well educated, they know very well how to tackle simple to difficult situations in an effective way.
  • Advance Technologies: They use very effective and reliable software for digital designs and 3D modeling. Tools like Revit, AutoCAD, SDS/2, and Navisworks ensure 100% accuracy and precision.
  • Standard Practices: Staff use a variety of procedures that are fully optimized and innovative. This thing enhances the productivity and speed of work.
  • Good Coordination: Through their BIM they ensure coordination and collaboration between all those personalities that are involved in the projects so that there is zero chance of misunderstandings and errors.
  • Cost-effectiveness: They also offer affordable service so that they can’t become a burden on their customer, because they want to become a helping hand instead of thrown in the neck. So they customize everything in your budget in a perfect manner.
  • Customer Service: They give excellent customer service, like work on time, complete attention, and full support. They provide a very friendly environment with a professional attitude to their customers so that they feel fully comfortable and clearly tell their full demands and requirements. Staff inform each and every update to the customer on time to ensure quality assurance and solace of the customer.


In the end, I must say that if you are searching for good steel detailing work then consider Jeemon VG Company, because it will take over the whole project and work on every aspect very nicely and precisely.

They will make 3D models, General arrangement drawings, erection drawings, and BIM services so that your Steel detailing work will done without errors and minimum loss.

As I have already mentioned they have completed more than 500 projects overall with their expert staff so they will handle your one in the same way, so do visit their website.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Question)

How can I contact Steel Detailing Jeemon VG?

If you want to contact them to get their services or consultation then simply visit their website where you can find their email and phone number so that you can directly contact them.

Moreover, you can also fill in a form that is easily accessible on the website, just place your consultation over there and they will respond to you very soon.

What are the credentials and qualifications of Steel Detailing Jeemon VG?

Steel Detailing Jeemon VG holds membership in various reputed organizations and associations that are quite professional like the Steel Construction Institute (SCI), the National Institute of Steel Detailing (NISD), and the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC).

One thing that makes Steel Detailing Jeemon VG more trustworthy is that they only hire experienced staff and for this reason, they hold valid licenses and insurance and become one of the best-certified steel dealing companies.

What are the software and tools that Steel Detailing Jeemon VG uses?

Steel Detailing Jeemon VG uses various software like BIM 360, Tekla Structures, Revit, AutoCAD, SDS/2, and Navisworks for making 2D & 3D models, accurate representations, and precise execution. These all software are super advanced, precise, and reliable, which give every minute steal dealing with full accuracy.

What are the industries and sectors that Steel Detailing Jeemon VG serves?

Steel Detailing Jeemon VG provides its services in different sectors to enhance the standards of their Structural design. Commercial, educational, sports, residential, healthcare, hospitality, and many more sectors are getting a rise in innovation and aesthetic appeal through Steel Detailing Jeemon VG Services.

What are the regions and countries that Steel Detailing Jeemon VG operates in?

Steel Detailing Jeemon VG offers its services in numerous countries and regions including Australia, Asia, South America Europe, and North America.

Steel Detailing Jeemon VG uses different technologies and cloud-based systems to operate its services online and remotely.

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