Shiped or Shipped: How Do You Spell It Correctly?

Shipping a thing globally is nowadays trading style but whenever we receive a message that “Your parcel is on the way” instead of this line if we have to type “your parcel will be shipped soon” then which spelling we have to use Shiped or Shipped, its confusing right. But the correct answer is “Shipped” whereas Shiped is a false and misspelled version.


Meaning of Shipped

Ship is a verb and Shipped is the past tense form of this verb which stands for the meaning “Anything that is transported” and simply means “Send”.

Pronunciation of Shipped


Synonyms of Shipped

  • Delivered
  • Exported
  • Transported
  • Carry
  • Sent
  • Dispatched
  • Convey
  • Carried
  • Take

Shiped or Shipped

People mostly misspell the Shipped as Shiped because they think that converting the ship into past tense will cut one “p” and they write according to this concept.

While other do not even bother about the correct spelling and misspell this word, so it doesn’t matter what the reason is, incorrect spelling can not replace the correct one to any extent.

Use of Shipped in Sentences:

  • I have shipped your order it’s been on its way!
  • We shipped the parcel this morning.
  • The furniture company shipped a lot of table sets.
  • I am sure that I have shipped the parcel to the right place.


Ship in past participle and past tense work as shipped that’s why we always use the correct form of this. So make sure to use correct spelling and pronunciation in the future.