Quaterback Vs Quarterback: Which One Is The Correct Spell?


Quarterback is a very common word but we still misspell it as Quaterback, what is wrong with us? We just demolish the spelling importance in our writings and also the misspelling leads us to wrong pronunciations that’s why correct spelling usage is very important, let’s learn more about it.

Meaning of Quarterback:

Quarterback refers to the leader of the football team, who fulfills the following responsibilities of the team:

  • He will select the play type.
  • Set Alignment.
  • Forms defensive strategies.

What Qualities Should be Present in Quarterback?

The Quarterback is the leader of the team so he should be very skillful and also have problem-solving skills so that he can take crucial decisions.

Decisions like in which direction the ball should be run, and how the game will be more effective.

As the Quarterback is the leader he should be very straightforward and loud so the other teammates understand his assignment in one call.

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Other forms of Quarterback:

  • Quarterbacks
  • Quarterbacking
  • Quarterbacked

Synonyms of Quarterback:

It has both formal and informal synonyms:

Formal Synonyms:

  • Signal caller
  • Field general

Non-formal Synonyms:

  • Captain
  • Leader

Quarterback is Noun or Verb?

The word quarterback is used both as a noun and a verb.

  • Noun: When we call a person who is a leader in this case this word is used as a noun.
    • For Example: In a football game quarterback will run the first ball.
  • Verb: If we address this word just to use the meaning of leader then it acts as leader.
    • For Example: Qarterbacking the group will be a great option.


Are Quarter-back and Quarterback the same?

Yes, these both are the same one is hyphen form and the other one is general.

Can we use quarter-back interchangeably with quarterback?

Yes, we can use it because both are acceptable versions but the quarterback without hyphen is more appropriate because with hyphen is outdated and very old style.

Is Quaterback also acceptable?

No, it’s a tying mistake and misspelling form in which people miss one “r” because of various reasons, one of the biggest reasons is carelessness. So it is not acceptable spelling in any context.


Quarterback is only correct spelling which can also be spelled as quarter-back but the quarterback is not appropriate. So avoid misspelling the words.