Possible vs Possable | Which One Is The Correct One?

I am sure you often misspell Possible as Possable, because it is the most common mistake most people make. But here I will help you to understand this word carefully so that next time you remember the correct spelling with accurate meaning.

Note: Possible word is taken from the Latin language “Possibilis” that stands for “Which can be done”.


Meaning of Possible

Possible is an adjective that stands for the following meaning:

  • Anything that can be achieved.
  • Able to done
  • Able to exist
  • Also indicate the potential to do something.

Additional Meaning: It can also be used to describe those things that can happen or are thinkable.

For Example: It is possible the next bus will be soon here.

Pronunciation of Possible


Synonym of Possible

  • Viable
  • Feasible
  • Practicable
  • Able to be done

Use of Possible in Sentences:

  • If you work hard then everything is possible.
  • Do every possible attempt to solve this question.
  • I don’t think this is possible for me to unlock the door.
  • How will you make it possible for yourself?

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Possible vs Possable

Possable has no identity in the English language as it is misspelled and sometimes it can be a typing error.

But it’s your responsibility to use possible instead of possable because there is no meaning to such a word.

Like if you say “It is not possable for me to reach at a time” it means you make the sentence tough for the next person. Because he will take a minute and think about what you just said and it is just because of the word “Possable”.

Because you pronounce it wrong. That’s why misspellings and mispronunciations sometimes cause trouble.


Ensure you double-check your possible spelling next time and pronounce the word possible instead of Possable. Because it is very necessary to convey a clear message to the listener or reader.