Penquin vs Penguin: Which is the Correct Spell?

Are you also a fan of seabirds videos or movies but still spell one of the beloved seabird Penguins as Penqiun. Here you are making a mistake because Penguin is only the acceptable spelling version, let’s explore more about it.


All about Penguin

Penguins are flightless seabirds which have a white and black color pattern.

Note: Penguins belong to the Spheniscidae family.

Geographical Range:

Some of the Penguins species are present on Galapagos Island and other mostly belongs to the south equator.


Penguins can be as small as 12 inches and can reach a height of 4 feet.

Beak Color:

Penguins have grey or black beaks but some also hold orange color beaks.

Feeding Habits:

Penguins feed on sea life including squid and fishes and so on.

Note: They have spines on their tongue so that slippery prey get entangled and can’t escape.

Swimming Ability:

Penguins are great swimmers they can cover a distance of 12 miles per hour.

Point: Penguins can stay inside the water for more than 25 minutes which is very extra as compared to other birds’ capability.

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Why Penguins Can’t Fly?

Because their body weight is not supportable for healthy flight that’s why they walk on land and swim in seas.

Penguin Vs Puffin

People consider them the same but these are different as none of a single feature gets matched.

They belong to the southern hemisphere.They belong to the northern hemisphere.
Spheniscidae FamilyAlcidae  Family
Their maximum height is 4 feet.They reach 15 inches maximum height.
They can not fly.They Can Fly.
Their beaks are black and grey.Their beaks are orange in color.
Excellent Swimmers.Can dive but only for 20-30 seconds.


There is no word like Penquin for Penguins even a bird that is similar in appearance named a puffin can not be used for penguin. So next time be careful while choosing a word in your speech or written form because it gives an educated glimpse of you to others.