Pachisi vs Parcheesi – Are They Same or Different?

Games that involve dice as the main, rule between us from a very long time ago as we consider these games the best mode of entertainment.

Dice games have different levels which can be simple to challenging these games can be played individually and as well in the form of teams.

Pachisi and Parcheesi are also board games with dice and are very famous among Asian people, but the common confusion is whether these are the same games or different ones. For this purpose, we will see the similarities and differences among these games.

Pachisi vs Parcheesi

Let’s first have a look at their differences:

Origin: Pachisi is an Indian game that the native people have played for a very long time.Origin: Americans adopted this game added some modifications to it and it turned into Parcheesi.
The game is played in team form in which 2 people per team compete with other teams. (total 4 people).There is no team-up rule, every person has to compete individually, and either 2 or 4 people are playing.
The game involves two dice.The game involves six cowrie shells.
Difficult, competitive, collaborative, and strategic because of team up and large variations in rules.Faster, simpler, and smooth because of simpler rules.
Capturing Rule: If your piece lands on the opponent’s piece then the piece should be sent back to the starting point but in case the piece again lands on the other piece then no piece is gonna go to the starting area.Capturing Rule: If one of the pieces lands on the other, and it again lands on the other it will eventually send both of the pieces to the starting point.
Roll Rule: There are specific spots designated in a home area that you can approach while having the exact roll number. In case you gain more or less number then you have to roll your dice again again until a desired number not attained.Roll Rule: There is no specific spot in the home area so you can enter the home area with any roll number. But to reach the final finish line you have to get the exact roll never that is needed.
Doubles Rule: If the same number rolls on both dice it will allow you to move any of the pieces two times of the rolled value.

Bad Point: It just doubles the move of one piece and does not give you any extra turn.
Double Rule: If the same number roll it will give you an additional turn and you can use all the moves to one piece or if the all piece is out of the starting area then you can use the moves to two different pieces.

Bad Point: If you get an additional turn after the first same roll then if you again get the same roll number and then in 3rd chance you again hit to same roll no then consecutive moves to one piece will eventually bring your one piece to the starting point which is extreme bad luck.

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  • Cross shape path is carved on the board in both games.
  • Both have colorful moving pieces.
  • Both have dice.
  • In both games, you have to enter your all pieces in the home area to win the game before the opponent.
  • In both cases, the landing piece to the other piece sent the piece to the starting point.


The similarities are very less and basic as compare to the differences which are very distinct which leads to the result that these both are very different from each other. So we can not say that these are the same neither we use their name interchangeably for each other.