Inquiry vs Inquery: How to Spell it Correctly?

Misspelling has become a trend now, people write those words wrong which are super common, for instance, “Inquiry” is misspelled as “Inquery”.

It’s shocking right, but many of us do this daily, so let’s learn the correct spelling along with its meaning and use it so that next time we can avoid mistakes.


Meaning of Inquiry

Inquiry is a Verb that stands for:

  • In Search of Knowledge
  • Instance of questioning
  • Investigation

Pronunciation of Inquiry

[ uhng·kwai·uh·ree]

Use of Inquiry in Sentences:

  • If we need a statement from him, we have to be strict in inquiry.
  • The government should launch an inquiry to find corrupt people.
  • In a robbery case, the police promised us that they would complete the inquiry.
  • We should do proper inquiry before stepping into another’s fight.

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Synonyms of Inquiry

  • Query
  • Investigation
  • Probe
  • Examination
  • Search
  • Question
  • Exploration

Inquiry vs Inquery

If we want to question, investigate, search, or probe something then the correct word to use is an inquiry which should not be misspelled as inquery.

As it will confuse the listener or reader and you unintentionally glimpse your bad image on the person. So, always double-check your spelling and think twice or thrice before pronouncing any word.

Frequently Asked Question

Are Inquiry and Enquiry the Same?

Yes, these both have the same meaning and sound with different usage. These both are verbs and are used for questioning something that is general or specific.

When Enquiry is Used Instead of Inquiry?

In British English word inquiry is less commonly used and inquiry used to a greater degree.

Moreover whenever we have to ask questions on a general level that do not need a detailed answer then enquiry is most preferably used.

When Inquiry is Used Instead of Enquiry?

In American English Inquiry word use is greater than the enquiry. Moreover, if we talk in a formal way then it is better to use inquiry instead of Enquiry.

For Example, police inquire about a case because they need detailed answers to every subtle thing.

Can We Use Inquire and Enquiry Interchangeably?

Yes, you can use these interchangeably because they have the same meaning with the same pronunciation.

But try to use inquiry in formal conversation and enquiry in general conversation.


So now it’s clear that there is only one acceptable version of inquiry which is enquiry. So next time be careful about the spelling “inquery” because it has no value and meaning in the English language.