February or Febuary? Which One is Correct?


Have you ever wondered if it’s spelled February or Febuary? We will talk about the correct spelling of the word “February” and what it means in the following article. We have noticed that many people frequently misspell it as “Febuary,” so let’s clear up any confusion.

What is the correct spelling of February?

February is the right spelling. The incorrect spelling, “Febuary,” lacks the letter “r” between the letters “b” and “u.” To keep things clear, it’s important to remember this.

Why is February often misspelled as Febuary?

A regular mistake is spelling “Febuary” wrong. The word is often spelled wrong because people forget the letter “r” when they write it. The right spelling for the second month of the year, though, is “February.”

What is the meaning of February?

In the Roman calendar, February was called “februarius,” which means “a month of purification.” This is where the word “February” comes from. This is about the feast of cleansing that is held this month.

Additional Information:

  • The Julian calendar and the Gregorian calendar both have February as the second month of the year.
  • In a regular year, it has 28 days. In a leap year, it has 29 days, and the additional day is called the “leap day.”
  • February is the only month on the calendar that has less than 30 days.

Examples in sentences:

  • “This February, I will be applying for a salary loan.”
  • “Her birthday usually falls on the 28th of February.”
  • “You will be returning to school in February.”

Other Common Spelling Errors for February

While “Febuary” is the most common misspelling, there are several other variations that people often use incorrectly:


Remember that February is the right spelling, and it should always be capitalized at the start of a sentence since it is a month name. Being aware of the right way to spell something and what it means makes conversation clear and prevents confusion.

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