Excemption vs Exception: Which One is Correct?

Both the exception and excemption seems very similar because have same meaning but their use according to situation is change, and there is specific point where we have to use exception and in other cases exception will be more appropriate.

So, let’s learn the differences that make their use concept comprehensive in your mind.

Scope: Applicale to particular scenario within a general rule. For eg, Emergy law has exceptions from speeding laws. Scope: It applies when a whole group or entity get fully removed from a particular rule. For eg, small bussiness owners may be exempt from paying taxes.
Nature: Involves specific & unforeseen conditions that change the rule’s application senario. They might be temporary or based on specific criteria.Do not require specific occasion for its application.
They are temporary as require specific criteria for application.Permanent & predefined
It can be implicit or explicit according to situation. Always explicitly stated
It involve great degree of discretion.It holds less degree of discretion.
Purpose: Exception is used when the aim is tosustein fairness and practicality of the rule’s along the accountancy of certain situations that need different treatment.Purpose: Excemption is used when the aim is to promote certain policy objectives.
For example:
Encouraging specific activities Promoting specific entities.
Outcomes: In a certain scenario it may result as modified application of the rule.Outcomes: It result in complete removal of specific group from rule applicability .

Examples for “Exception”

  • All were present except Ali (common example).
  • There is an age exception in this rule so that older can avoid harsh consequences.
  • All cats are allowed except the wild one.

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Examples for “Excemptions”

  • Islamic Institutes exempted some course books for Christians.
  • Firefighting vehicle is exempted from obeying traffic rules.
  • Fortunately, non-profit businesses are exempted from paying their hospital bills for the first five years.
  • Old citizens are exempted from paying huge taxes.


So, Exception and Excemptions are same exception is used as temporary solution for changing and modification in laws but exception is predefined and permanent and it remove the whole organization from the specific rule. So next time use these both where they exactly fit instead of random use.