Enterence vs Entrance: Which One is The Correct Word?

Among us, a lot of people misspell “Entrance” as “Enterence” like they do not even hesitate for a millisecond before adding an extra “e” which makes the whole spelling just useless and incorrect.

Even most writers misspell it in their formal worksheet, but if you are in the same boat then please improve yourself from now and stop spelling it incorrectly.


Correct Spelling Enterence or Entrance

Entrance is the only acceptable version while the Enterence with either one or two extra “e” are false and totally unacceptable spelling forms. People just make themselves confused with these and usually misspell them.

Why do People Spell Entrance as Enterence?

They drive the wrong spelling by their own perception they build by influenced by the verb “enter”.

That’s why they just add “ence” at the end of the enter and their job is done because they do not consider it important to research correct spellings which eventually lead to a mistake.

Meaning of Entrance:

Entrance can be used as a noun and verb:

As Noun: If it refers to the entering point of anything like a home, building, hotel or act of entering, etc.

For Example:

  • The entrance of this restaurant is very eye-catching because of well décor.
  • Your entrance is prohibited in the club because of rule violation.
  • He is at the entrance and I am going to receive him.

As a Verb: It refers to the following meaning:

  • To Put someone into a Trance
  • To Carry Away with wonder, rapture, or Delight.

For Example

  • The magician entranced the kids with his magic tricks.
  • I get entranced so much by seeing brightly colored fish for the first time.
  • My kids were entranced so much whenever I told them any exciting story.

Pronunciation of Entrance



Entrance is only correct spelling either you are using this word as noun or verb. So stop using this spelling on all formal and informal platforms.

You have to remember that the correct spelling has only one “e” and any other version having more than one “e” will considered as wrong.


Are There Any Synonyms for “Entrance”?

Yes, Admissions, passage, doorway, gateway, passage, and access are synonyms of entrance.

How Can I Improve My Spelling Skills Overall?

Doing search, practice, double check, and writing exercises will improve your writing skills and vocabulary.

What if I’m Still Unsure About the Spelling of a Word?

If after a lot of practice, you are still confused about the spelling of any specific word then search online and get help from a dictionary or Grammarly.