During or Durring: Which One is The Correct Spelling?

During and Durring two spelling forms of this preposition make people confused at various events.

Prepositions are very important factors of part of speech that make the sentence structure understandable by building relationships among words.

But if we misspell them in a sentence then what’s the point? So, let’s have a look at which spelling is correct.


Meaning of During:

During is a preposition that is used to make a connection among words in a sentence.

During Means = “total time of any activity”.

This means, if you are talking about something happening then the time that the thing will take to happen is simply refer as during.

For Example:

  • I was working during the whole day.
  • I wish I could see the period during which these plants grow to their peak.
  • Is it fine to have coffee during exercise?
  • It is a bad habit to use the phone during lectures.

Origin of the Word “During”

It comes from two different languages:

  • Old French = Durer
  • Latin = Durare

The same word in English is during.

Synonym of During

  • Through
  • In the course of
  • In
  • Throughout

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During Vs Durring

In the English language, the only correct spelling is during, and the spelling durring is not acceptable.

It is just a typing error or misspelling form of during as individually this word has no meaning and value.

So always double-check your spelling, or take help from Grammarly it will automatically correct your spelling.

It gives you a red underline if you write during instead of during. This also helps you to educate yourself and the next time you make this mistake very less.

Other Misspelling of During

Some people also spell during as druing which is completely terrible, like from where you got all these spelling that have no identity in the English language.


Always spell “during” accurately and keep one thing in mind there is only one “r” in correct spelling this thing also minimizes the chance of mistakes.

Correct spelling usage is necessary because it will make you more confident and leave a good impression on others, so better luck next time.