Divide vs Divid: Which One is The Correct Spelling?

The divide is a simple word but we mostly misspell it as Divid, like in which hurry you are Mr. that you save your precious time by just missing the last “e” from the correct spelling. Think about it and try to fix your mistakes, but let’s have a look at whether Divid word exists in the English language or not.

The divide is used as a noun and Verb.

Pronunciation of Divide


Divide As a Verb

Divide as a verb stands for the following meanings:

  • Marking the edge or limit
  • Cut a thing into two parts
  • Allocating a different identity

Note: Divide is also used for dividing two people on the basis of race, and mathematical dividing is counted under the verb category.

For Examples

I divided the batter between the equal-sized tins.

This barren land divides the city into east and west parts.

Only peace talks can divide the disputed area fairly.


  • Cut up
  • Cleave
  • Split
  • Allocate
  • Allot
  • Hand Out
  • Apportion
  • Carve up

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Divide As a Noun

Divide would be considered a noun if in a sentence it acts as following meanings:

  • A Partition between two things
  • A disagreement between groups
  • A part of a larger whole
  • A line or boundary that indicates a separation

For Example

  • There’s a broad divide between the two towns.
  • The racial divide in the country is growing wider.
  • Each apartment is a separate divide of this building.
  • The religious differences act as a divide between traditions.


  • Breach
  • Division
  • Split
  • Rift
  • Gap
  • Gulf
  • Cleft
  • Chasm
  • Wedge
  • Disagreement
  • Differences
  • Difference of opinion
  • Estrangement
  • Falling-out (informal)
  • Feud
  • Irreconcilable differences

Divide vs Divid

There is no point in comparing these two spellings because divid is just a misspelling form and a typing error.

Divid Status in the English Language

Divid has no value, status, or identity in the English language because it is not an acceptable version of any word.

Can we Use Divide interchangeably with Divid?

We use words interchangeably with each other only if they have the same meaning, as it is very clear that divid has no meaning at all so we can not consider it as a replacement of divide.


Divid is a false form and if people use it don’t get confused instead make an autocorrect option for them. Don’t use divid again because there is no word like this. If you spell David as divid then David will also become angry… I am just kidding but spellings are actually very important.