Crescent vs Cresent: Which One is The Correct?

Today I came up with one more word we misspell very commonly which is Crescent and we all spell it wrongly like Cresent.

Please stop writing false versions of important words because it will confuse you and the reader as well.


Meaning of Crescent

It acts as both a noun and an adjective.

As a Noun:

The crescent is a noun that stands for the semicircular shape that is curved like a bow and has pointed ends with a broad center.

If you want to have a look at this shape then a waxing moon is the best example for this.

For Example:

  • I carefully put the coconut crescent on the baking sheet.
  • My younger brother peeps out of the window and is mesmerized by the crescent moon.
  • The artist is ready to draw a crescent moon on his painting board.
  • I asked my architect to adjust the crescent-shaped window in my home design.
  • The row of vegetables looks good in the shape of a crescent.

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As an Adjective:

If crescent acts as an adjective it points to those things which have shapes like crescent.

For Example:

  • A Crescent Moon
  • Crescent Biscuits
  • Crescent Bowl
  • Crescent Sofa
  • Crescent road

Pronunciation of Crescent



  • Half-moon
  • Semicircle
  • Arc
  • Curve
  • Bow
  • Sickle Shape
  • Demilune
  • Crook

Crescent vs Cresent

Crescent is only correct spelling whereas Cresent is a typing error and has no value not as a noun nor as an adjective.


I am sure the above information is enough for you to clarify the exact meaning, spelling, and use of crescent.

So don’t make mistakes in the future and stay tuned with us for more informative articles that will help you to improve your grammar and spelling problems.