Crescent vs Cresent: Which One is The Correct?

Crescent vs Cresent: Which One is The Correct?

Today I came up with one more word we misspell very commonly which is Crescent and we all spell it wrongly like Cresent. Please stop writing false versions of important words because it will confuse you and the reader as well. INCORRECT ❌ CORRECT ✔ Cresent Crescent Meaning of Crescent It acts as both a … Read more

Inquiry vs Inquery: How to Spell it Correctly?

Inquiry vs Inquery

Misspelling has become a trend now, people write those words wrong which are super common, for instance, “Inquiry” is misspelled as “Inquery”. It’s shocking right, but many of us do this daily, so let’s learn the correct spelling along with its meaning and use it so that next time we can avoid mistakes. INCORRECT ❌ … Read more

Towards or Twords: Which One is The Correct Spell?

Towards or Twords

Are you learning English grammar and prepositions, it must give you tough competition, so here you will find that there is one more mistake you are making which is misspelling the preposition. We all know very well that without prepositions sentences can not be understandable that’s why learning prepositions is important as their correct spelling … Read more

During or Durring: Which One is The Correct Spelling?

During or Durring

During and Durring two spelling forms of this preposition make people confused at various events. Prepositions are very important factors of part of speech that make the sentence structure understandable by building relationships among words. But if we misspell them in a sentence then what’s the point? So, let’s have a look at which spelling … Read more

Occasions vs Occassions | How to Spell It Correctly?

Occasions vs Occassions Which One is Correct Spelling

Let me give you two spelling forms and you have to choose the correct one, “Occasions” and “Occassions”. I am sure you select “Occassions” because it seems more correct than the actual spelling “Occasion”. INCORRECT ❌ CORRECT ✔ Occassions Occasion Meaning of Occasion If we check the Occasion word status in part of speech then … Read more

Nickel or Nickle: Which One is the Correct Spelling?

Nickel or Nickle

INCORRECT ❌ CORRECT ✔ Nickle Nickel Either in your English or chemistry textbooks, you have read one word more commonly which is “Nickel” or “Nickle”. Now take a minute and tell me which spelling is the correct one, I made you confused, Right? But there is no point to misspell this common word. You should … Read more

Apon vs Upon: Which One is The Correct Spell?

Apon vs Upon

INCORRECT ❌ CORRECT ✔ Apon Upon Are you working on your written and verbal skills and confused about a word with two spelling forms: “Apon” and “Upon”? I am sure this will confuse you for a minute and you think these both are the same but are different on behalf of their origin, history, and … Read more

Brazillian vs Brazilian: Which Spelling Is Correct?

Brazillian vs Brazilian

INCORRECT ❌ CORRECT ✔ Brazillian Brazilian If you are confused about “Brazillian” and “Brazilian”, then simply “Brazilian” is the correct spelling while “Brazillian” is a typing error or misspelling. Important Information: Brazil is the largest and widest country in South America, and the word Brazilian is used to address the products, items, or people who … Read more

Boxes vs Boxs: Which One is The Correct Spelling?

Boxes vs Boxs Which One is Correct

INCORRECT ❌ CORRECT ✔ Boxs Boxes A storage container with a square or rectangular shape having a flat surface is known as a Box, But what if we have more than one box then what will be the plural? There are two options “Boxs” and “Boxes” Choose one, I am sure you choose “Boxs” because … Read more

Boundaries or Boundries | Which one is Correct?

Boundaries or Boundries

INCORRECT ❌ CORRECT ✔ Boundries Boundaries A boundary word is a noun, which means a finish line or limit of any area that separates a particular area from other regions or areas. In other words, the boundary is the ending point of the territories, towns, villages, cities, and countries.  Example: You can consider the Sea … Read more