Brazillian vs Brazilian: Which Spelling Is Correct?


If you are confused about “Brazillian” and “Brazilian”, then simply “Brazilian” is the correct spelling while “Brazillian” is a typing error or misspelling.

Important Information: Brazil is the largest and widest country in South America, and the word Brazilian is used to address the products, items, or people who belong to Brazil.

For Example:

  • Brazilian Culture
  • Brazilian People
  • Brazilian Skin Care Product
  • Brazilian Language

Do You Know: Brazilian People speak the Portuguese language and they also use the rules for their grammar that fit in the Portuguese language.

Use in Sentence:

  • I am sure this time the Brazilian team will win the trophy.
  • This Brazilian Bom Dia Bright Cream is my favorite.

Status of Brazilian Word in English Speech

We can use the “Brazilian” word both as nouns and adjectives, in both cases, it conveys different messages with the same pronunciation.

As a Noun:

We refer Brazilian word as a noun if we use it for a person or group of people.

For Example:

  • I am a Brazilian Sportsman.
  • This Year I will make up a tour to Japan with my Brazilian friends.

As an Adjective:

If we add a Brazilian word to those things that are attributes of Brazil Country then this same word acts as an adjective.

For Example:

  • Brazilian culture is so dominant.
  • Brazilian Soccer is just amazing.
  • I wish I could visit Brazilian Colorful Cites.

How to Avoid Typing Error for “Brazilian”?

  • Always double-check before submission of your text.
  • Remember that there should be only one “L” in the correct spelling.
  • Think twice that if you misspell this word the reader or checker will find you irresponsible and care less.
  • These tips will help you to avoid mistakes next time.

Other Misspellings of “Brazilian”

  • Brazilan
  • Brasilian
  • Brazalian
  • Brazillan


Are the Brasileiro and Brazilian are same?

Yes, these both indicate that thing that belongs to Brazil. AS Brazilian is an English word while the Brasilerio is part Portuguese language have the same meaning.

Can We Use Brasileiro Interchangeably with Brazilian?

No, we can’t because this would be only understandable by Portuguese speakers while Brazilian can be comprehensive for all around the world.


No word acts as a replacement for Brazilian, so next time be careful while writing or debating with anyone. I have one suggestion for you, if you get yourself confused among two spellings immediately consult with your friend or just google it instead of misspelling it. This minor act will keep you safe from being careless in front of anyone else.

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