Boxes vs Boxs: Which One is The Correct Spelling?


A storage container with a square or rectangular shape having a flat surface is known as a Box, But what if we have more than one box then what will be the plural? There are two options “Boxs” and “Boxes” Choose one, I am sure you choose “Boxs” because it is the most common misspellings many of us use for a very long time. The correct plural form of Box is boxes.

Grammar Rule: Any word that ends at x or z in its plural forms has es, but some exception cases also exist.

For Example:


Use of “Boxes” in a Sentence:

  • Put all the books in these boxes.
  • I have a lot of boxes of sweets and chocolates.
  • My younger son loves to collect colorful boxes.

Synonym of Boxes

  • Container
  • Carton
  • Chest
  • Crate

Pronunciation of Boxes


Boxes vs Boxs

The box is a typing error and can not be considered as the plural of the box, but if we write box’s instead of boxs then it a different and correct word. This apostrophe and s show possessiveness and association.

For Example:

  • The Box’s art influenced me so much
  • I lost the box’s lid.

In this way, the box’s spellings are correct but convey different messages with different pronunciations.


Use of correct spelling is important but use of accurate plural form is more important. Because this mistake in front of anyone can not only indicate you as careless but also a less educated person which could be embarrassing right, so next time be careful and stay updated with grammar terms and rules.