Boundaries or Boundries | Which one is Correct?


A boundary word is a noun, which means a finish line or limit of any area that separates a particular area from other regions or areas. In other words, the boundary is the ending point of the territories, towns, villages, cities, and countries. 

Example: You can consider the Sea Shore as an example because the shore exactly separates the water portion from the land in this way the shore is the boundary of the sea where the sea exactly ends.

Now, the meaning will be clear in your mind, the problem arose when we had to write this word because two spelling forms of this word made you confused that “How you have to spell it accurately?” Some people say the exact word is “Boundary”, while others support the spelling “Boundry”. You also wanna know so, let’s explore the correct spelling together.

Do You Know: On World Maps Countries are separated from each other by a red line, which is exactly a boundary indicating that from this point one country is ending and the other is going to begin.

Boundaries Vs Boundries

The clear two-word answer is that “Boundaries” is the correct spelling while the “Boundries” are false form, and it originates because of some misspelling nature of people. We can also consider this mistake as a typographical error.

Note: There is no word like “Boundries” in the dictionary that stands for the meaning “limit”.

Historical Root of Word Boundaries

This is not a new addition, as for centuries it is a part of our speech. “Boundary” word was first used in Anglo-Latin as “Bunda”, but later on the French Language converted this word into “Bonde”.

Then this word was began to used in different countries and every region added little little change according to their language and it became “Bondia”. It also got some effect from Gaulish Language and eventually became “Boundary”.

Synonyms of Boundaries:

There are some synonyms you can use for this word which are:

  • Partition
  • Borderline
  • Frontier
  • Border

Why do People Misspell the “Boundaries” as “Boundries”?

There are very common occasions when people mistakenly misspell the word “Boundaries” as “Boundries” such as:

Online Post:

In today’s world everyone posts everything on social media, and there are no rules or allegations if they write the wrong spelling in their captions.

So, the audience who sees that so many big influencers use the incorrect spelling “Boundries” in their caption gives them a signal that this is the exact correct spelling and they are also gona start spelling this word incorrectly.

Suggestion: If you are also an influencer make sure to use the correct spelling of every word in the caption or subtitle so that you convey the right information to the audience.


If we are involved in regular discussions on different topics with our friends, then there is an 80 percent chance that we will be influenced by their accents. 

We will memorize the words like how our friend pronounces them. So, if in your surroundings a person pronounces the “boundaries” as “boundries”, then you will misspell it because of the wrong pronunciation impression in your mind.

Suggestion: Always use the correct pronunciation of words in your speech, debates, and even in local conversation, because people learn most of things from our in-between conversation.

Less Care About Mistakes

The word “Boundaries” is spelled incorrectly as “boundries” because of people’s ignorance, today’s generation believes they know everything.

So they never search like if they have a doubt about which spelling is correct they will spell it like their own preference rather than do research.

Because they easily believe that it should be an acceptable variant of the correct one. So, less realization of mistakes leads to misspelling issues by most people.

Suggestion: Do research immediately on every word that has two spell forms and find the correct one, it will take only two minutes but make you aware a little more.

How to Avoid the Chance of Misspelling “Boundaries” as “Boundries”?

We all have to play our role to get the people aware of the correct spelling, you can do it according to your current job for example:

If You are:

  • A Teacher: Take quizzes, regular assignments, and exams, and check the spelling carefully as you focus on the concept and highlight the wrong spelling “boundries”, so that the student will write it correctly next time.
  • A Speaker: If you do speeches on a National or International level make sure to pronounce the word “Boundaries” correctly instead of “boundaries”.
  • A Debater: Whether you do verbal or written debates pay full attention to the correct form so that you convey accurate information.
  • A Blogger: If you write blogs then write articles on different topics which indicates the difference between the wrong and correct spelling. 
  • A Vlogger: If you shoot videos so ensure that every spelling in your subtitle is correctly spelled.
  • An Influencer: In today’s scrolling screen world one thing an influencer should do is to promote accurate knowledge, so next time write “Boundaries” in your caption instead of “boundries”.

How to Memorize Correct Spelling of Boundaries?

Here I am going to share some useful tips that will help you to memorize the correct spelling of boundaries:

  • Imagine the word in your mind clearly before writing it.
  • Memorize the word “Boundaries” by breaking it into two parts like “Bound” & “Aries”.
  • Use any local phrase that seems easy to use to associate with the correct spelling of boundaries.
  • Practice makes a man perfect, so write this word multiple times on your notes.


I wanna conclude the whole discussion by saying that there is no word like “boundries, so stop using this word. Consider all the tips, points, and facts that I have mentioned above and make sure to eliminate the word “boundries” from your language.

One more thing there is only one character difference in both words, so you can also memorize the correct spelling by keeping “a” in your mind. Next time whenever you are going to spell this word give a call to your mind and tell him that he can’t forget to add “a” in this word. Hope so this information was helpful to you.