Overbite vs Underbite: What’s The Main Difference?

Overbite vs Underbite

Two types of malocclusion are common among children which are: Overbite & Underbite. Both of these refer to those teeth that are not properly arranged, some people consider that there are no differences in these conditions but in actuality, there are huge differences and have very less similarities. Let’s have a complete look at this … Read more

Enterence vs Entrance: Which One is The Correct Word?

Enterence vs Entrance

Among us, a lot of people misspell “Entrance” as “Enterence” like they do not even hesitate for a millisecond before adding an extra “e” which makes the whole spelling just useless and incorrect. Even most writers misspell it in their formal worksheet, but if you are in the same boat then please improve yourself from … Read more

19th or 19st: Which One is The Correct Spelling?

19th or 19st

We use numbers for adding dates, listing monthly expenses, bills, and many other things so it is important to write numbers in a way that is understandable to everyone. If you have to use the number 19 in your conversation which format of it is correct “19th” or “19st”? Obviously the “19th” is the correct … Read more

Pachisi vs Parcheesi – Are They Same or Different?

Pachisi vs Parcheesi

Games that involve dice as the main, rule between us from a very long time ago as we consider these games the best mode of entertainment. Dice games have different levels which can be simple to challenging these games can be played individually and as well in the form of teams. Pachisi and Parcheesi are … Read more

Quaterback Vs Quarterback: Which One Is The Correct Spell?

Quaterback Vs Quarterback

INCORRECT ❌ CORRECT ✔ Quaterback Quarterback Quarterback is a very common word but we still misspell it as Quaterback, what is wrong with us? We just demolish the spelling importance in our writings and also the misspelling leads us to wrong pronunciations that’s why correct spelling usage is very important, let’s learn more about it. … Read more

Shiped or Shipped: How Do You Spell It Correctly?

Shiped or Shipped

Shipping a thing globally is nowadays trading style but whenever we receive a message that “Your parcel is on the way” instead of this line if we have to type “your parcel will be shipped soon” then which spelling we have to use Shiped or Shipped, its confusing right. But the correct answer is “Shipped” … Read more

Excemption vs Exception: Which One is Correct?

Excemption vs Exception

Both the exception and excemption seems very similar because have same meaning but their use according to situation is change, and there is specific point where we have to use exception and in other cases exception will be more appropriate. So, let’s learn the differences that make their use concept comprehensive in your mind. Exception … Read more

Penquin vs Penguin: Which is the Correct Spell?

Penquin vs Penguin

Are you also a fan of seabirds videos or movies but still spell one of the beloved seabird Penguins as Penqiun. Here you are making a mistake because Penguin is only the acceptable spelling version, let’s explore more about it. INCORRECT ❌ CORRECT ✔ Penquin Penguin All about Penguin Penguins are flightless seabirds which have … Read more

Divide vs Divid: Which One is The Correct Spelling?

Divide vs Divid

The divide is a simple word but we mostly misspell it as Divid, like in which hurry you are Mr. that you save your precious time by just missing the last “e” from the correct spelling. Think about it and try to fix your mistakes, but let’s have a look at whether Divid word exists … Read more

Wain vs Wane: Which One is The Correct Spell?

Wain vs Wane

Are you also using Wain interchangeably with Wane then stop doing this because these two are not the same as having different meanings. So, let’s learn where and when we have to use Wain and Wane accurately. Note: These both have the same sounds that’s why called homophones. Pronunciation of Wain and Wane [wayn] or … Read more